Jordan Palmer: Lawrence Proved He’s Best Player in Draft While Never Having Bad Hair Day

Trevor Lawrence’s hair has been a popular topic of conversation among college football fans over the past three years.

The former Clemson quarterback just put on a very impressive showing at his own personal pro day last Friday after working with quarterback guru Jordan Palmer in preparation for the draft. However, the first question Palmer was asked when he recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show was, of course, about the hair.

“Really focused on getting the Head and Shoulders deal,” Palmer said jokingly. “I don’t think he has bad hair days.”

When they did finally get around to talking about what Lawrence did do on the field, Palmer says the goal was to prove Lawrence could make every throw using the necessary footwork, and that in his opinion that was accomplished.

“Just getting a chance to show all the different footwork that he’s going to be asked to do, and every type of throw,” Palmer said. “I’m not big on doing 100 throws a show. If anything, it’s really just can you make all the different throws. I wasn’t surprised at all. It looked like he did a great job in every category and did what he wanted to do.”

To Palmer, the biggest takeaway was the fact that Lawrence was willing to take part in the event at all. Due to an upcoming surgery Lawrence moved it up a month. That was something he didn’t have to do, and at the end of the day, short notice and all, he still went out and showed he is the best player available in this draft.

“It was pretty unprecedented if you think about it,” Palmer said. “I haven’t seen somebody bump their pro day up a month to accommodate, and to go ahead and show it. If anybody could have said no to this, it’s him. And he didn’t. He showed up, spun it, and didn’t let any of that stuff bother him and kind of looked like what we all thought he was, which is the best player in this draft.”

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