Dabo Swinney Compares Trevor Lawrence to Multiple Time NBA Champion

After Trevor Lawrence threw for NFL teams on Friday morning, his former head coach had some mighty high praise for his former quarterback. Arguably, some of the highest to date.

Trevor Lawrence held a throwing session on Friday in what was basically his own, personal pro day and he did not disappoint. The projected number-one overall pick in the upcoming draft had to move his workout up due to needing surgery on his non-throwing shoulder.

After it was over, Dabo Swinney spoke with Reece Davis about his feelings on Lawrence and the Clemson head coach made quite the comparison.

“This is about as easy of a throwing session and an evaluation of a throwing session as you can have,” Swinney said. “I mean he’s only trained for two weeks, he took off three weeks and trained for two weeks, new ball, and different things, but he went through the script and did what he needed to do. I mean it’s a beautiful thing to watch. It’s like watching Steph Curry shoot a basketball right and it’s just fun to watch. It was fun to watch this guy throw it and thought he did a great job today.”

Swinney spent much of the session huddled up with Jaguars new head coach Urban Meyer. He says the two have had multiple conversations about Lawrence, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, all things considered.

“We’ve had conversations about Trevor but he’s seen him,” Swinney said. “I think he knows him very well. He’s seen him live for really the past three years so hopefully, that’s where he’ll end up.”

When the subject of leadership was brought up, Swinney raved about what Lawrence brings to the table, giving fans an idea of exactly how he views his former quarterback as not only a player, but a person as well.

“His first year when he came in here, he’s trying to just earn the respect and everybody getting to know who he is,” Swinney said. “And then last year it was, he was becoming the leader of the offense. And then this year, it was become a leader of a team. And then with all the things that happened in our world and things that happened with this pandemic, I think he became a leader of college football and you could argue that he’s one of the main reasons that we played college football.”

“He didn’t have to play this year but the leadership that he took upon himself as a player, as a voice for all those players to kind of change the narrative and the #WeWantToPlay deal, I think that really says it all. Again, this is a kid that didn’t have to play a snap, but you can watch from the very beginning, and how he fought to play, to watch the last three or four minutes of the Ohio State game when the game is over, and he’s still playing like it’s a three point game, that’s leadership. That’s commitment. That’s a mentality that’s hard to coach.”

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