Texans Putting Out Conflicting Information Regarding Availability of Deshaun Watson?

Despite the Super Bowl just being days away, the biggest story in NFL circles at the moment remains the unhappy marriage between Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans.

The former Clemson quarterback is unhappy enough with the organization that he has officially asked to be traded. Whether the Texans actually pull the trigger on a deal that would move the disgruntled quarterback remains to be seen.

Last week new Texans general manager Nick Cesario told members of the media the team had “zero interest in trading the player.” Now we have this from Bleacher Report.

“According to two high-level executives from different teams in the quarterback market, Texans brass have told interested teams that they will not be having any conversations about trading Watson.”

However, other reports suggest that the Texans are sending out mixed signals. As in they will say one thing, then in the very next breath will contradict themselves.

Previous reports have suggested that the Texans initially let it be known through various backchannels that it would take three picks in the first round, and a young quarterback to take over for the Texans under center, to get Watson in any deal.

So, which is it? He is either available or he isn’t. This is the Texans we are talking about though, and nothing coming out of that dumpster fire of an organization should surprise anyone at this point. The fact that they have gone from a consistent playoff team with Watson at the helm to one of the NFL’s worst teams in just one season speaks volumes about how capable the front office has been in recent years.

How this eventually plays out is anyone’s guess at this point. Although, it’s hard to envision the Texans attempting to force an unhappy star quarterback to stay if he does not want to. New contract or not, they have to be thinking big picture here.

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