Most Likely Landing Spots for Deshaun Watson

Now that it appears that there is a very realistic chance that Deshaun Watson has played his last game in Houston, where could the former Clemson quarterback end up if in fact the Texans do pull the trigger on a trade? has released the latest odds on who the favorite teams to land Watson are.

Favorites to Land Deshaun Watson

New York Jets 2/1
Miami Dolphins 3/1
Chicago Bears 4/1
Denver Broncos 5/1
Indianapolis Colts 8/1
New England Patriots 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles 10/1
Carolina Panthers 12/1
Washington Football Team 12/1
Detroit Lions 12/1
Las Vegas Raiders 12/1
New Orleans Saints 15/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 15/1
San Francisco 49ers 20/1
Dallas Cowboys 20/1

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