Fan Letter: Dear, Trevor Lawrence

I want to start by thanking you for being such an awesome member of the Clemson football team. From winning the starting job by beating Georgia Tech in Atlanta, to leading us to a 32-2 record as the starting quarterback, you have been a truly great leader. You did, after all, lead us to be the first team to go a perfect 15-0 in the modern era and you did it as a FRESHMAN. Also, I think it’s worth noting both of your losses were in the same building.

I think that despite all your athletic achievements, everyone’s favorite thing about you is your big heart and your class. You, and your fiancĂ© Marissa, started a fundraiser to help the families who were financially affected by Covid-19. Even the NCAA loved it and allowed it to continue. You also caught Covid-19 like it was a snap and beat it like it was NC State, Florida State, or Alabama. You, Darien Rencher, and other members of the Clemson senior class also led the team in a peaceful protest through the Clemson campus, advocated for change, opened the eyes of many Clemson faithful, and led athletes of all sports, at all institutions, to push for the athletic seasons to happen in 2020-2021 school year.

Finally, your future, as we all know, is bright. Any NFL team is going to be lucky to have someone like you lead them, on and off the field. We at Clemson obviously hope you get picked by a team in which you can have tremendous success. Trevor, you are loved, looked up to, prayed for, cared for, thought highly of, and have the respect of so many people, even from fan bases of rival schools. God bless you Trevor Lawrence.

Your fan,

Nathan R Shipman!

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