College Football Playoff Outlook: Bring On The Buckeyes

Let’s face it, Ohio State is getting into the playoff. Six wins, eight wins, ten wins, whatever, the Buckeyes are getting in.

Yes, they have only played six games, and no, they haven’t looked overly impressive in either of their wins over ranked teams, but who else are you putting in? Texas A&M?

Yes, there is a logical argument to make for Texas A&M getting in over Ohio State based on each teams resume but that’s just splitting hairs at this point. Is Texas A&M REALLY better than Ohio State? Possibly, but probably not.

Instead of lamenting the fact that the Buckeyes are getting in despite having played just six games, I have decided that it’s just better to embrace it. For close to a year now, all Clemson fans have heard are the cries from Ohio State fans about how last years Fiesta Bowl was stolen from them by the officials.

You never hear them talking about how their teams red zone issues in that game led to Clemson overcoming 16-0 deficit. You never hear them talking about Justin Fields throwing an interception in the waning moments as he was trying win the game for Ohio State.

What you do hear is one conspiracy theory after another. There’s been more saltiness coming from that fan base over the past 12 months than we have seen come out Columbia over the past 12 years. It’s time to settle this thing once and for all.

Bring on Justin Fields. Let’s see what will likely be the top two picks in the next NFL Draft square off one more time with a spot in the national title game on the line.

Clemson vs Ohio State. Trevor Lawrence vs Justin Fields. That’s right, bring on the Buckeyes. As everyone knows, 5-0 is better than 4-0.

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