Notre Dame QB Ian Book Guarantees Win Over Clemson In ACC Championship

As the Tigers get ready for their rematch with the Fighting Irish many this week have brought up the comparisons between Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and Notre Dame QB Ian Book. There is one way that they do not compare though.

Book decided to make a guarantee that they would win the rematch versus the Tigers in an interview with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit. When asked about them getting the win in the first matchup possibly due to the players that Clemson was missing Book made it clear how he felt about it.

“I’m excited that all those guys are back and we can play them, and have all those people be quiet once the game is over and we get this win,” said Book.

This is one place that the two quarterbacks definitely differ. Trevor Lawrence has a better overall record than Book and he handles himself better when in the public eye.

He goes about his business and does his talking on the field rather than in interviews where it can become bulletin board material. Clemson has been truly blessed by not only Lawrence’s play on the field but the way he has carried himself off of the field as well and the quarterback will most certainly be missed when he is gone. It has been said many times but this is what being a Clemson player is about. For instance, he is confident but not arrogant.

Will he be the first player to go in the upcoming draft? Is Lawrence walking away with the Heisman Trophy this year? Can he lead the Tigers to another National Championship? These are questions that are still out there and no matter what the answers end up being it’s clear about one thing. Clemson nation can be thankful that he has not put them in a position that cause them major embarrassment.

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