Clemson Destroys Pitt 52-17: Rapid Reactions

The Tigers came out and showed they were ready to get back on the field. After the opening three and out, this one was never in doubt as Clemson did what they supposed to do and put an overmatched Pitt team away early on their way to a 52-17 win.

Rapid Reactions:

  • The offense came out and asserted themselves quick after the opening three and out. And this was a very good Pitt team they rolled over and did it with a freshman receiver making his first career start. Powell started in the boundary and Williams was in the 2 spot.
  • EJ Williams is going to be a stud. A couple of big catches on the first scoring drive to get things going, including catching the first touchdown of the game. Wait until he has been in the weight room for a year.
  • 31 first quarter points. The most ever in school history. That is making a statement.
  • Lawrence was as sharp as ever. You would have never know he had not played in five weeks. Oh yeah, screw you FSU. You very well might have cost this kid a Heisman with that bogus cancellation.
  • Offensive line wasn’t to bad today. This Pitt defense got three sacks but one was on Lawrence, and the Panthers also happen to lead the country in sacks coming in. What I like though was the fact that there seemed to be a little more running room today and that is something we have all been waiting on.
  • It has taken most of the season but those young defensive backs are rounding into form. The secondary was fantastic in this one. And that was while missing Derion Kendrick and Lannden Zanders.
  • Would have liked to see that killer instinct we saw in the first quarter throughout that second quarter too.
  • This is a different defense with Tyler Davis. We have been saying it for weeks but today we saw it. Pitt averages less than 1 YPC.
  • Clemson was 7-18 on third down. That is winning football.
  • Would have liked to see Travis Etienne go out with more of a bang in his home finale, but it is what it is. He still averaged over 5 YPC and scored twice. However, as for Trevor Lawrence, what a way to go out. It has been fun watching those guys do work the past three seasons. Amari Rodgers too. Going to miss watching those guys donning the Paw.

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