Clemson Survives Scare From Boston College: Rapid Reactions

No Trevor, no problem. A little closer than most would have liked but if Etienne doesn’t fumble that ball this game takes on an entirely different complexion. That was a 14 point swing and a huge momentum shift.

The longest home winning streak in the country remains intact as the Tigers pull it out 34-28.

  • Huge play by Bryan Bresee getting the sack in the end zone to seal the win. On a three man rush. I hated the punt when Dabo decided to kick it away but that is why he is paid the big bucks,
  • DJ Uiagalelei looked like a grisly veteran today. Would have liked to see them turn him loose a little earlier than they did though. Very conservative throughout that first half but still was 30-41 for 342 yards with 3 total touchdowns. The future is bright.
  • Can’t say enough about Travis Etienne. No running room early. A terrible fumble that led to a 14 point swing that made this game closer than it ever should have been. He was able to come back from it and get it going in that second half and is now the ACC’s all time leading rusher. Has to quit putting the ball on the ground though.
  • And I have ragged on this offensive line for its inability to open up rushing lanes on the interior all season but today, in that second half they finally started to do just that. Although, would have liked to see them finish it off on that final 3rd and 1.
  • Can we see more of EJ Williams please? Ladson hasn’t stepped up and Ngata is still working his way back. Amari can not do it all.
  • How about Cornell Powell? 11 catches, 105 yards. He caught everything that came his way except the one that sailed over his head. After five years it’s good to see him have his day in the sun.
  • This defense looked like one that had been ravaged by injuries today. You can only lose so many guys before it starts to have an impact and Clemson is at that point without James Skalski and Tyler Davis. It was very evident today as this defense really struggled at times. However, they clamped down in that second half and BC was held to just 275 yards of offense.
  • Derion Kendrick is a fantastic corner. Today was not one of his best days. He wasn’t bad by any stretch but he got beaten multiple times and that is something we just don’t see a lot of. Not a great day for the secondary overall though.
  • Will Spiers has turned into the second coming of Ray Guy right before our very eyes.
  • By the way, these officials were horrible. The BC offensive linemen were holding all day long and it was rarely called. A terrible roughing the passer call to negate a pick. ACC officiating at its finest.

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