Never Trust A Junkie…. Week 8 Picks Against The Spread

Things are looking up. I am back on track after going 3-1 last weekend. Freddie on the other hand look like he could be getting off to the kind of start I did after going 1-3 for the second straight week.

Is this the week I can get back to over .500? Can Freddie go perfect and get there himself? We shall see.

Season Standings

CJ Cribb: 9-11 (45%)

Freddie Huth: 2-6 (25%)

Nebraska at #5 Ohio State (-26.5)

CJ Cribb: The B1G finally opens play this weekend and knowing they will have limited opportunities and absolutely no margin for error, expect Ryan Day and company to come out with their foot on the gas and never let up. That is bad news for Nebraska. Scoot Frost and the Huskers are going to once again take one on the chin… Ohio State -26.5

Freddie Huth: Ohio St and the rest of the Big10 finally begin their season. It will be interesting to see if Nebraska can stick with the Buckeyes until halftime or if Ohio St puts them away quickly. Either way, Buckeyes win… Ohio State -26.5

#23 NC State at #14 North Carolina (-16.5)

CJ Cribb: NC State has been one of the biggest surprise in the ACC this season while the Tarheels have failed to live up to lofty expectations. However, it will be hard for the Wolfpack to keep their hot start going after losing starting quarterback Devin Leary to injury. If Mack Brown and the Heels have any hope of playing in Charlotte, this one is a must win… North Carolina -16.5

Freddie Huth: This one should be interesting. These two don’t like each other and it’s the first time in forever that both are ranked. I expect it to be an exciting game and if the North Carolina defense can stop the Wolfpack running game, the Tarheels get the win… North Carolina -16.5

Florida State at Louisville (-5.5)

CJ Cribb: The Seminoles embarrassed North Carolina last weekend and look to keep that momentum going against another ACC team that has failed to live up to expectations. The Cardinals just haven’t been what most thought they would be. The offense hasn’t been all that explosive and the defense has been trash… Florida State +5.5

Freddie Huth: It will interesting to see how this Seminoles team handles success after their big win over North Carolina. They have struggled for most of the season but then again Louisville has not looked like a powerhouse either. I give Louisville the nod but only because they are at home… Louisville -5.5

UofSC at LSU (-6.5)

CJ Cribb: How about those Gamecocks? They finally got Will Muschamp another win over a ranked team. Not that Auburn is a legit Top-25 team, but I digress. LSU just self imposed some penalties after it was discovered boosters had been handing out cash to players. The fact that they voluntarily stripped themselves of eight scholarships tells me this goes much deeper than those $100 bills OBJ was handing out after the national title game. And that isn’t the only bad news LSU got this week. They will be without the services of starting quarterback Myles Brennan against the Gamecocks… UofSC +6.5

Freddie Huth: South Carolina got an upset win over Auburn last weekend while LSU had an extra week to prepare for this game with the Gamecocks. There’s also that news about them violating NCAA rules. LSU needs a win badly and I expect them to want to prove something on defense and take the attention off of their violations. LSWHO wins… LSU-6.5

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