Clemson Faces Hurdles In Recruiting As NCAA Extends Dead Period, Again

With the NCAA’s mandated dead period set to expire at the end of September, things were on the verge of getting very interesting as teams scramble to put the finishing touches on their 2021 recruiting classes.

All things considered, Clemson has managed fairly well without having the ability to host potential recruits on campus. Let’s face it, how do you sell kids on the Clemson culture or the campus itself if they aren’t able to experience it for themselves.

Now the Tigers will have to put the finishing touches on their 2021 class the same way they have been forced to recruit all summer…. virtually. On Wednesday, the NCAA voted to once again extend the dead period for the remainder of the year.

“While the Council acknowledged and appreciates the growing desire to resume in-person recruiting by select coaches’ associations, Council members ultimately concluded the primary concern right now must be protecting the current student-athletes on our campuses,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania. “We encourage our coaches to interact with prospective student-athletes virtually in this time period.”

The dead period means no in-person recruiting, while phone calls and correspondence can continue to occur. Emergency legislation was also adopted prohibiting schools from giving complimentary game tickets to prospective student-athletes and their high school or two-year college coaches during the dead period.

The Tigers 2021 class is currently ranked fifth in the 247 class rankings and with only 15 players committed currently. No one else presently in the top five has less than 18 players committed. So, so far, so good.

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