Todd McShay Gives Lawrence One Of Highest Draft Grades In Recent Years

Almost a week into fall camp, and so far so good. The ACC is still pushing forward with plans to play in the fall, along with the SEC and Big-12.

As Clemson prepares for the upcoming season, there is no doubt that all eyes are on junior quarterback Trevor Lawrence as he heads into what is very likely his final collegiate season. Let’s face it, he is expected to be the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

ESPN NFL Draft Analyst Todd McShay recently appeared on NFL Live to discuss that draft status. He revealed that the 97 grade that he gives Clemson’s superstar quarterback is one of the highest he has ever given any prospect in his career, coming up just short of the 99 that Andrew Luck received.

“Right now I have a 97 grade on him out of 100,” McShay said. “To get some perspective, if you compare him to some prior quarterbacks, Andrew Luck in 2012 had a 99. Again, we’re hoping to see a season out of him and we’ll see if it fluctuates, but it would be the highest grade I have on a quarterback since Luck in 2012. When you watch his tape, I saw the Syracuse game. I saw the mistakes he made. I see some nuance aspects of his game that have to improve. He doesn’t have to make a ton of anticipatory throws in that offense.”

“But you’re talking about a big, mobile, strong-armed quarterback, who can make throws and fit the ball into windows down the field that most guys can’t in the college level, plus, the competitiveness he brings to the table, the way he carries the team. And having done seven games of his live the last couple of years, I love being around him on the sideline watching how even-keeled he is. He never gets rattled and his players pick up on that, they believe in him and I think he’s only going to continue to mature and get better at some of those small items he has to improve upon moving forward.”

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