Clemson Football: Huge Losses On Horizon Across College Football

For those that are curious about how much of an impact canceled games or even games with limited attendance are going to affect Clemson overall, here are some numbers from Ticket IQ that should bring it a little more into perspective.

The estimated ticket market value losses, even after including the fact that the Fighting Irish are competing in the ACC this season, is based on secondary market value or the number of seats and number of games canceled or played without fans. This is not an exact measurement but the easiest way to gauge the enormous losses by each team. When looking at the ACC, the two biggest losers look to be Notre Dame at $130 million and Clemson at $90.5 million. Florida State comes in third with $61.5 million In losses.

When looking at all of the Power-5 conference teams combined, it is estimated that if the season were to be played without fans or canceled, the ticket market losses would be just under $4.2 billion. If stadiums were to limit attendance to 20% capacity, like some schools have already announced, the estimated loss then is just over $3.4 billion.

Ticket IQ has also updated their COVID-19 Safety Index for all Power-5 schools. This index is based on daily active cases compared to the national average. They also state that this index is not meant as a recommendation to attend events in any market. but more so as just one interpretation of publicly available data.

They have broken down their Safety Index into 3 categories. Teams highlighted in green are the safest. Then you you have a yellow rating which is a low-medium risk, and orange/red ratings are the riskiest. For those wondering, Clemson’s rating is an orange, despite having no active cases on the team currently. TicketiQ will be continuing to update this index every two weeks to track progress by state.

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