Options For Clemson Marching Band This Season

As the Tigers announced their upcoming fall camp plans that begin next week, another uproar began on Friday. It was after the announcement that the Clemson University Tiger Band won’t be allowed in the middle of the field, as is tradition, to greet the Tigers as they run down the hill before games this season.

This came after a decision was handed down by the ACC on the matter concerning bands in the conference as a whole and the Covid-19 pandemic. The ACC told game teams around the conference that bands won’t be allowed on the field during the college football season.

Other schools in the conference have taken measures regarding this already. For example, Syracuse won’t allow their band inside the Carrier Dome this season and the University of North Carolina has completely shut down their band for now.

There hasn’t been word, as of yet, whether “The Band That Shakes The Southland” will still perform inside the stadium. They could take the route the Texas Longhorns did.

“We are still hopeful that Tiger Band can play an important role as the Guardians of the Clemson Spirit,”Band Director Mark Spede said. “Our primary mission is to support the team in any way we can and we stand ready to provide the best Gameday atmosphere in the country this season. We desperately want to help the Clemson football team continue the amazing run they have been on, and we are looking at every option we can.”

As Tiger fans across the country learn to deal with the new norms that are being forced upon them, like having to wait a year to get the seventh straight win over their instate rival Gamecocks, it is very clear that this coming football season is going to have a really different look.

Although, as bad as it seems it is still better than no football or sports at all. So, the only thing that Clemson fans can do at this point is be patient, continue to show their support of the Tigers, and show the rest of the country how to do that in true Clemson fashion.

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