Justyn Ross Back To Work Less Than Week After Surgery

Many Clemson fans cringed a few weeks back when it was announced that the Tigers star wide receiver Justyn Ross was out for the season and would need to have surgery.

Ross’ surgery to correct a congenital condition went well. Even better news is that he’s already started the rehab process.

He is still expected to miss all of the 2020 season but it was encouraging to see him doing some aquatic therapy at Clemson in the short video that he tweeted out on Wednesday.

In a tweet before his surgery, Ross took the time to thank everyone for the prayers and support. He also made it clear that he was not giving up on his dream, which he has pinned on his Twitter account.

“Ain’t nothing in my life ever been easy,” Ross said in a tweet. “This here ain’t nothing but a small bump on the road that’s gone make the story better. I appreciate all the prayers and support .. I’m gone shock the world.”

Ross has a long journey to get back from the way it looks but it sounds like most are confident that he will be back. Over the years Deshaun Watson, Mike Williams, and Amari Rodgers have shown that nothing is impossible anymore.

Fans now can only hope that Ross not only heals so he can get back to making the acrobatic catches fans have become accustomed to seeing, but even more so that he can be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

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