Mario Goodrich Injury Update

Mario Goodrich underwent an arthroscopic procedure back in early April to help clean up a nagging ankle injury that plagued him much of last season. With AJ Terrell now off to the NFL, the Tigers will be counting on Goodrich to help fill that void.

On Monday, head coach Dabo Swinney gave an update on the status of the player most expect to start at corner in 2020, opposite of Derion Kendrick.

“There was actually a little fragment or something they had to kind of scope out of there,” Swinney said. “Yeah he’s doing good. He’s doing really well.”

The staff had originally planned to do the procedure in Clemson after the team got back from spring break, but the pandemic shutting everything down threw a wrench in those plans. In fact, the change in plan will keep Goodrich from returning to campus at the same time as the rest of the team.

“They were going to do it here after we got back if he wasn’t where they wanted to be,” Swinney said. “But obviously we didn’t get back–so he’s doing well. And he’s actually staying out there this week. I think he’s the only one that’s not back, you know as far as our scholarship guys.”

He won’t be delayed long though. Swinney expects him back early next week after he finishes up some scheduled rehab.

“Mario will be back,” Swinney said. “I think he’s gonna get back here on the eighth because he had had one more week of finishing up his his therapy out there and then he he’ll be here after that.”

Once he returns, he should be good to go. The team isn’t expecting any lingering issues, so expect Goodrich to be good to go once the season finally kicks off.

“He’s doing good,” Swinney said. “He’s doing really good. Don’t expect any issues.”

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