Nobody Schedules Out Of Conference Games More Aggressively Than Tigers

Over the past couple of seasons, there have been no shortage of discussions regarding the Clemson schedule. Last season, those criticisms reached a fever pitch, with the ACC being as down as it was.

However, as most are already aware, Clemson has no control over how good or bad the ACC is, or which conference opponents they play each season. What they do have control over though, is the out of conference scheduling, and you will be hard pressed to find a school that schedules out of conference games more aggressively than the Tigers.

As you can see in the tweet, over the next 17 years the Tigers are scheduled to play at least one game against teams that have made the playoff in the last two seasons. How many other programs are scheduling those kind of out of conference matchups year in and year out. And home and home series to boot.

*** The Oklahoma series is scheduled for 2035 and 2036. The tweet has a misprint.

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