Editorial: Standing Up To Rival Fanbases

Hey guys, NateDawg again… So, I realize I haven’t been able to write as often, and I’m sorry for that, but now that schools out I will get a lot more done. Feel free to message me ideas on what to write about.

Now, I know that football season is a while away, and that this year it may be even longer, but something that we will NOT have to wait on, is hearing the opinions of other fan bases about how weak Clemson’s schedule is compared to other teams. Here are a few tips on how to fend them off.

Them: “Clemson plays nobody, all they play are a bunch of cupcake schools”

You: “Y’all do realize that your team is on Clemson’s schedule? Your team plays a team on Clemson’s schedule, has played a team on their schedule and either lost or had a difficult time with them right?”

Them: “Clemson fans are so rude, so trashy, don’t know how to act, etc.”

You: “We may not be perfect, but have you ever tried blessing us with some Southern Hospitality when we are at your place? Texas A&M, Louisville, Wake Forrest, and so many others have, why haven’t you?”

Them: “Dabo is a jerk/idiot/classless for yelling at players in public. Doesn’t he know that will ruin the players self esteem? And they cheat.

You: “First off, he is a football coach. Most of the time that is the only way he can communicate with his players, Second, do you have any proof that he does anything illegal? Or any proof that if he or his players, or other coaches did do something that deplorable? Which ever way, let me quote a cute little girl I saw in a video on YouTube “You worry about YOUself!”

Hope this helps! Everyone stay safe, healthy, happy, and don’t fret, Covid-19 will pass by before you know it…. then it’s football season!

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