Dear Chase Brice

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Clemson. You entered the program in 2017, known by only a few, and now, you are leaving as one of the most beloved players in all of Tiger history.

From leading a fourth quarter comeback win against Syracuse in 2018, (and embarrassingly bonking your head against a camera in the post-game dance off) to scoring your first career rushing touchdown in the ACC Championship, you showed the entire college football nation what you are capable of, and what a little determination and self-belief could do. 

Not only that, but several times, you provided the most moral support to all your teammates or anyone else on the team. You stood up for Kelly Bryant. You cheered Trevor Lawrence on at the CFP National Championship Game press day reserved for the Clemson offense. You high fived, chest bumped, and hugged players that came off the field after their play was over, celebrating all their achievements. Eventually, as you deserved, got the biggest celebration of all when you scored your first rushing touchdown. 

Chase, on behalf of everyone at Clemson, I want to say thank you for not only being an amazing player, but also an amazing person, teammate, role model, flashing that big smile everywhere you went, and most importantly, you picked a school to transfer to that will love and cherish you just as much if not even more than Clemson.

You sir are going to do amazing things at Duke, The Blue Devils have a great guy coming in at quarterback and I know they know it. I also know that they love and respect their football players and hold them in high praise/regard no matter what. 

One thing I know was on a lot of the fans minds when you said you were going to transfer is, “Oh no! What if he chooses somewhere that doesn’t cherish their quarterbacks!” Well, you put all those anxieties away when you announced your commitment to Duke, and Clemson Nation could not be prouder of and happy for you. I can sense a Clemson vs Duke match up in this upcoming season’s ACC Football Championship Game, and when that happens, don’t be surprised if the entire stadium, Tiger and Devil fans alike, roar loud when you make a big play. 

Chase Brice, you are loved, cherished, looked up to, a role model, humble, happy, kind, caring, and prayed for. We love you man. I hope you get this, and I hope it warms your heart just as much as your kindness and big smile warms all of ours!

Your fan, on behalf of Clemson Nation,

Nathan R. Shipman

6 thoughts on “Dear Chase Brice

  1. You know what Ann Harris, I did leave that part out (being a committed Christian). That is amazing that you had that interaction with him!

  2. Chase, I met you at Dyar’s with your grandparents. I am a friend of the King’s. In that tribute above, he left out that you are a committed Christian. I will be praying for you to excel at Duke. And Amen. When you make the big play, the entire stadium will do a “shout out” for Chase Brice. May God go with you.

  3. @ChaseBrice7 I am so glad that you love my letter! I have my email up on my bio on, send me an email sometime!

  4. Chase I wish you all the best of everything in your new adventure, I know you will not remember me but I will sure remember you and how much you contributed to the Clemson football program. May the Lord be with you and bless you as only HE can in your future. Love and best wishes always for a fine young man. We will miss you . Mary Ann Kirby

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