SEC Coach Claims Coaches Negatively Recruiting Against SEC Teams

Georgia has never had much issue bringing in the nations top notch high school talent. Winning on the big stage with that talent has seemed to be a little more problematic, but that is a story for another day.

Recently on The Paul Finebaum Show, Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart made quite the claim. That head coaches from outside of the SEC are negatively recruiting against his and other SEC programs.

The comical part is him saying that coaches are telling players that the SEC is to tough to play in and that they are risking their health.

“You probably would believe it” Smart said. “But you wouldn’t believe what some coaches outside our conference tell kids. They’ll sell to a kid that it’s better to not go to the SEC because it’s too tough.”

Hasn’t the narrative always been that kids go to the SEC because it is the toughest conference in America? That they want to play on the nations biggest stages? Why would telling them it is TO tough change their minds?

Here is a clip from the show.

Judging by these numbers, the strategy isn’t working to well. If you believe the claim, that is.


5 thoughts on “SEC Coach Claims Coaches Negatively Recruiting Against SEC Teams

  1. Kirby Smart is a whiner. The SEC recruits against each other. The coaches use any message to give them the advantage.

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