Clemson Coaches Pitch In With Tornado Relief

last weekend’s severe weather took a huge toll on SC’s Upstate with tornadoes that tore up the area. Well, in the aftermath two of Clemson’s head coaches are helping out in the effort. This was shown by a Facebook post on Wednesday. Football head coach Dabo Swinney and the Tigers head Baseball Coach Monte Lee were among others that have been helping out neighbors that were affected by the weather.

A Clemson Facebook group’s entry stated

“Every day we’ve had volunteers that have helped us clear trees. Yesterday a group came and mainly helped our next door neighbors Bob and Betty. Bob & Betty are in their 80’s. No one local that can help them and no volunteers had gotten to them yet. Once again God’s timing was perfect. Our neighborhood is tucked away off of Wells hwy and was being patrolled yesterday allowing Dabo, Monte, their families, and other Clemson coaches to contribute. Just like other people without having any hoopla going on. We all were normal yesterday. Sharing love, working, contributing, helping each other get back to life…one limb, one branch, one tree at a time. Only a couple of pictures were taken, one at Dabo’s request. The others highlighting Bob and Betty. Thank you Clemson family. Go Tigers!!”

This is what Clemson Fans have come to love about not just Dabo but all of the Tiger Coaches and Staff. They are all quick to jump in and help Clemson family members and others out!

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