(WATCH) Vol 1: The Best Is Yet To Come

During this time when there are no live Clemson sports being played and no one has an answer for how long it will be before Tiger fans will see their favorite teams play again, it seems like a great time to look back and enjoy how the Tigers have gotten to where they are on the Gridiron. Clemson won their first national title in 1981 when they defeated Nebraska 22-15, their second in 2016 by beating Alabama 35-31, and their third in 2018 when they dismantled Alabama 44-16. This video is volume one of a three part series named Dream On.

This series on YouTube chronicles not just the National Championship games, but all of the numerous legendary players and moments that have defined one of college football’s best programs. Clemson, who has been led by figures like Frank Howard, Danny Ford, and now Dabo Swinney, have established a rich tradition in college football that has brought in a unique brand that is known nationwide for the passion it inspires.

From the calls of the late great Jim Philips, to the quotes by different commentators like “There’s speed and then there’s Sammy speed,” and  “when you play Clemson, leave the wife and children at home,” as well as “The most exciting 25 seconds in college football.” 

Add in the hits by Levon Kirkland and David Dunham, and it has been a great run over the years to get the Tigers to where they are now. There’s never a bad time to stop and look at the players and coaches that helped build the program from the foundation up.

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