Logan Rudolph Commitment Video Still The Standard Bearer


After hearing the announcement out of Clemson that DE Logan Rudolph was planning to give up football so he could pursue his dream of becoming an actor, the first thing that came to mind was the commitment video he made back in 2016. To this day, it is one of the greatest things regarding college football to ever hit the internet.

If you have never seen it, here it is, in all its glory….

Instantly, Rudolph was an internet sensation.

That was my idea. I claim all the copyrights and trademarks of that.”

Logan Rudolph in July 2017

The college football world loved it, and not just Clemson fans.

It even had the national media talking.

And there were numerous reactions similar to this one.

Rudolph’s video should serve as a reminder to kids that it doesn’t take an elaborate production to make a splash. All you need is a cellphone and the right idea. For Rudolph, the only other things he needed were a pair of fairly short jean shorts and an ax to set the standard for commitment videos.


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