Clemson Culture On Full Display After Loss To LSU

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I’ve had many conversations with friends since the loss to LSU on January 13th. Such as things that went wrong, and things that might could have been done differently. Also, how great that 29 game winning streak felt while it lasted, as well as many other things.

One thing that I have thought about a lot over the last few days, is what did we learn from that one loss? We learned that we are very fortunate to be blessed with a coach, assistant coaches, and players (both former and current) that win and lose with class, dignity, and honor.

It was a debilitating loss, and no one wants to lose the last game of the season. Clemson fans haven’t seen this side of the game very often over the last few seasons, something most are thankful for.

So when it happened last Monday night, it wasn’t expected. However, neither was what we would see over the next few days.

Our coach, instead of whining and griping about horrible officiating, told the media that they did not do what was needed to win, giving credit to LSU. Dabo thanked the LORD for blessing him with the ability and opportunity to coach this team and work with this staff.

He then promised the fans that they would come back home, and work to get better. That next season would be as good or better than this season. His players and assistant coaches would follow suit.

Before the big game we got to see video of the Power Rangers mobbing Dabo and showing support for their former teammates and coaches. We got stories of how they went into the locker room after the game, and helped console their former teammates. They gave them advice on how to get themselves ready for not only next season, but for their future in the NFL.

Meanwhile, just on the opposite side of the Superdome, there was video of a former LSU player handing out wads of cash to current LSU players and bragging about having their back.

We later got news about officers from NOPD having to enter the LSU locker room because of things that their players were doing, such as smoking cigars in a smoke free area. We found out later that an arrest warrant was issued for OBJ for his actions in the locker room.

We also got word that their quarterback, Joe Burrow, was bragging about taking money from OBJ and celebrating with him all night long, but not remembering most of it due to what he had put into his body.

I still hate the taste that the loss left in my mouth, but at the same time I am so thankful that because of the Clemson culture, we don’t have to worry about things like this inside the Clemson football program.

History has shown that Dabo does not put up with “me” first players and recruits the right people for Clemson. They win as a team, and lose as a team and they do it with class….. On and off the field!!!

20 thoughts on “Clemson Culture On Full Display After Loss To LSU

  1. BURROW and the ENTIRE LSU team proved they deserved this win, and to party a bit, if offensive due to the bitter pain of losing so bad, LSU was CLASSY in NOT GEAUX tacking on another 7 points. The cigar and cash incident, BURROW was CORRECT in saying, HE WAS NO LONGER A COLLEGE PLAYER, GAME WAS OVER AND SO WAS HIS COLLEGIATE CAREER. Better luck this season, which by the schedule I see for Clemson once again, it is no wonder they are always ‘winnin g’. GEAUXXXX TIGERS!!!

  2. I didn’t have a horse in the race, but reading these comments told me.something I have never seen before. Up until now, I have never seen a “sore winner”. Another first for me.

  3. As a LSU fan the main issue to me was Odell wanting the spotlight of a team who dominated college football. Other than him I would say everything else was very minor. If you didn’t think there would be a celebration than you don’t know Louisiana. This article is more of a smear campaign to LSU or a coping mechanism to a loss than a pat on the back to the Clemson program. If LSU played a soft schedule and won a championship than it would be over the top but they dominated the gauntlet all year, set records that won’t be matched, and earned that moment. If a slow motion cigar video and a dance at the White House offends you we apologize. The celebration really had nothing to do with beating Clemson but more about an amazing season that was earned and won’t ever be repeated.

  4. Wow – Skyler R – I hope you’re not a Clemson fan. I’d be completely embarrassed to hear one of our fans wishing someone would get hurt. That’s just awful.

  5. Skyler Ridley – Odell Beckham is a supremely talented athlete who has earned everything he’s got. Top 1% of the 1%. To suggest otherwise proves your idiocy. LSU earned the win, hands down. Clemson deserves admiration for how they took the L. (Clemson fan, by the way)

  6. Odell Beckham is a loser he doesnt deserves fame and money hope he gets hurt so bad he cant walk again low life. LSU players were losers too Clemson deserved to win.

  7. As usual,Clemson fan Hating,First of all thank you for your service as a police officer all of y’all have my respect,but I don’t hear from most Clemson fans is to praise us for one of the best seasons in College football history just Bullshit that happened after the whooping,stop the madness,THAT would SHOW CLASS

  8. Well said! Classy group of young men. I ‘m a Gamecock fan but As a former Coach I respect what Coach Dabo and His coaches are teaching these young me n for life after football 🏈.

  9. Overall a good article, but smoking cigars & drinking after a victory (especially by those “of age”…even in a “smoke-free” area) are not proof that our program is flawed or that ours is not.

    1. EDIT: “are not proof that a program is flawed or that ours is not.”

      Our program & its reputation stands on its own. No need to even mention LSU.

  10. Wonderful article! Love those Tigers! Thank you for your service and stay safe out there! Hope you write more articles.

  11. I’m from Louisiana, and could not help rooting for my home team. But I have to agree with Crash, the Clemson team showed much class after the game, while the LSU team did not.
    Not the first time I have observed good sportsmanship in the Clemson Tigers. It’s a normal course of action, not the exception.

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