Tigers Fall In National Title Game: Rapid Reactions

Well, we all knew this team was going to eventually lose, and tonight they finally did, as LSU dominated the second half and won 42-25. Fact is, Clemson just ran into a better team tonight, and never could catch any breaks it would have taken to pull this one off. Sometimes, it just isn’t your night, and tonight wasn’t theirs. Clemson lost to the best team in the country tonight.

  • Trevor Lawrence was off all night long. Air mailing balls was his biggest issue, but another big part of it was not getting enough help from his receivers. Tee nor Ross are completely healthy, but what about being #WRU? Where are all those other receivers? Overton, Amari, Powell, Ngata?
  • For years, LSU misused tons of talented WR’s. Now they are properly utilizing them, and this Clemson defense just doesn’t match up well.
  • Thought Clemson abandoned the run to early.
  • Down three early in the third, and with the ball, how do you not start feeding ETN? This game was probably lost right then. Your QB is off, and your top RB has averaged over six yards per carry, and you try slinging it around the entire series and quickly punt. The best way to defend this LSU offense was to keep them off the field and the best way to do that is to run the ball. This was the game ETN needed 20 plus carries, and he had just five in the second half.
  • Clemson was just 1-11 on 3rd down and that just will not get it done.
  • Any shot Clemson had at finding a way to win went out the window when Skalski was ejected, and yes it was the right call.
  • I thought if Clemson was going to win, they would need to do it on the back of some stingy red zone defense, but they just could not defend the short field tonight.
  • We can finally stop saying this years defense is better than last years. That just is not the case. Numbers do not always tell the whole story. When you can’t get pressure with your front four, it has an affect on everything else. This DL has not been able to get pressure all season, and tonight was no different. The good news is, help is on the way.
  • Clemson had no answer for JaMarr Chase. He was unstoppable tonight. AJ couldn’t cover him, nor could Kendrick. He flat out had his way with them, and that is no easy task. For Clemson to have a shot, their corners needed to have success in man to man coverage.
  • Turns out this LSU defense is playing much better down the stretch after all.
  • It isn’t all bad news though. This Clemson team just played in the national title game in a transition season on the defensive side of the ball. This might be Brent Venables best job yet. Reinforcements are on the way, however, and in the areas they are most needed, along the defensive line.
  • Again, this has been one heck of a run. This team just won 29 straight and is already the favorite to win it all next season.

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