Peach Bowl Is Another Argument Against CFP Expansion

Right now, LSU is blowing the Oklahoma Sooners doors off in the Peach Bowl. This isn’t some run of the mill game, this is the semifinal round of the College Football Playoff, and one team clearly doesn’t belong on the same field as the other. It’s a result that we’ve seen play out far more often than not in the semifinal round games, and we actually have people clamoring for more of these blowouts.

This is the 11th semifnal game since the sport has gone to the four team format. Nine of those eleven games were decided by 10 points or more, and eight have been decided by 20 points or more. If you are a proponent of expanding the playoff, this is what you are asking for more of.

Not once in the five years since going to this format has there been four teams worthy of playing for the national title. Most seasons there are two really good teams that separate themselves from the rest of the pack. In 2019 it looks like there may be three, with Clemson, Ohio State, and LSU. Oklahoma is a good team, they just aren’t on the same level as the other three CFP teams, and it wouldn’t have mattered which team they were matched up with, the game would have been one sided.

Expansion is coming, make no mistake. There’s to much money on the table. The only question is when, not if. That doesn’t mean we need to be in a rush for it. More isn’t always good, and in this case it surely won’t be.


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