The Junkie Awards Vol 13: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly

This past weekend was one of the weaker slates of the season as far as great games go. Much of the SEC and ACC, including Clemson, were on bye weeks, and of the SEC teams that did play, most faced FCS competition. It was one of those weekends in which we had to dig a little deeper to find material to work with, but we found some all the same.

Most Impressive Award

Virginia Tech

The Hokies have quietly turned their season around. After an 0-2 start to ACC play, Va Tech is now just one win over rival Virginia away from returning to the ACC Title game. Since inserting QB Hendon Hooker into the lineup, the Hokies have won 6 of 7. The only loss came to Notre Dame by just one point in a game that Hooker missed due to injury. Bud Foster’s defense has pitched two shutouts in a row for the first time since 2005. In each of their last 3 games they have not allowed a team more than 301 total yards or more than 63 yards rushing.

Biggest Loser Award


The Ducks traveled down to Arizona State and watched their playoff hopes die in the desert. The Sun Devils snapped a 4 game losing streak and scorched what had been one of the Pac 12’s best defenses. The Ducks allowed 535 yards of offense, with 408 of those coming through the air. At one point the Ducks were down 24-7 early in the 4th and for a few minutes it appeared as if they would pull off the comeback. They scored 3 TDs in a span of 6:38 but Arizona St got an 81 yard TD strike on a 3rd and 16 with just under 4 to play to halt the Ducks momentum. Oregon is still guaranteed a spot in the Pac 12 Title game but they are done as far as the playoff goes.

Most Humiliating Loss Award


Wow…. Florida International? Really? Losing to a team this bad has to warrant a ban on the turnover chain, or any other exotic bling for that matter, for at least two years. The Canes were down 23-3 early in the 4th quarter to an FIU team that came in as a 20 point underdog and with a roster full of Florida kids that grew up wanting to play at Miami. Now they can say they were a part of FIU’s biggest win in program history, which ironically came against that same Miami team. That Manny Diaz hire is working out great down in South Beach.

Wal Marter of the Week Award

Gene Sapakoff

We went a little outside of the box to find our winner this week. If you aren’t familiar with Sapakoff, consider yourself lucky. He is the sports editor for the Post and Courier down in Charleston and is the biggest Clemson hater you’ll ever run across. Throughout the offseason it was Sapakoff who refused to let the ostarine story die. It seemed like every 2 or 3 weeks he was coming out with a new story on the subject that oddly enough, never contained any new information. Once the season got underway, he was fairly quiet on the subject, but always seems to find a way to take his petty, back handed shots. These are his latest two attempts. This was something he tweeted out over the weekend, plus writing a story on the subject as well.

This one comes from yesterday. Pure pettiness.

Congratulations to Mr Sapakoff, you are our Wal Marter of the Week!