Maybe Todd Ellis Should Stay In His Lane

We are all familiar with Todd Ellis. He’s the former South Carolina QB who is now the radio play by play personality, and is known as “The Voice of the Gamecocks.” It’s a role he’s been in since 2003.

The fact that this guy, with his numbers, is considered one of the best QBs to come through the program speaks volumes to begin with. Not to mention he’s one of the most over the top play by play men in the business. All schools want their radio guys to be “homers” but Ellis takes it to a whole other level. Minor things like plays resulting in a first down garner reactions that make you’d think they’d won a national title (sorry, hell hasn’t frozen over yet).

49 TDs to 73 INTs…… 👀👀👀

Three seasons with more than 20 picks? 🤷‍♂️

NEGATIVE 602 yards rushing…. 🤦‍♂️

With those kind of numbers I think I would try staying out of the limelight as much as possible. Not Ellis though. As I saw one or two people mention throughout the week, he’s now become the gift that keeps on giving. One example being this rant made before the 2017 game in Columbia.
Clemson is scared to death of Will Muschamp’s progress. That’s a big part of this game as well.

“Clemson is scared to death of Will Muschamp’s progress. We are the up and coming team. They are cycling out. We are cycling in. That’s a big part of the fear from the Tigers right now.

We all recall what happened that night in Columbia and we’re still waiting to see that progress. That did give us this gem though and for that we’ll always be grateful.

Now he’s given us something else to use in our efforts to continuously mock him. He said this last weekend on Will Muschamps coaches show.

“The Tigers put us in a tough position as well. One of the things that they do, and God bless them what they want to do in pregame they do, is grasp those arms and they walk from midfield towards our student section. Maybe that is something they could modify if they felt like it was provoking them in some way. Listen we got a responsibility not to throw things on the field. No questions about it. Can’t throw towels. Can’t throw water bottles. We all want to act with class. There is no doubt about it. It’s a tough situation. It’s an emotional thing. That’s not the first place you and I (Muschamp) have been to that’s happened by the way. It happens at a lot of of venues.”

Oddly, I can’t recall many instances of Clemson players having things thrown at them during an away game, much less Victory Walk. There’s also them being spit on. This tradition is something that has been going on since the Tommy Bowden era began and it’s done long before kickoff.

Maybe Todd Ellis should worry about trying to find a way to keep players from opposing teams out of harm’s way. Instead he’s rationalizing and justifying terrible behavior.

Personally, I rather enjoy his antics. They’ve made for some entertaining moments over the years. You’d think a lawyer would recognize that fact though and stop providing the enemy with so much material to work with.

Speaking of material, enjoy these nuggets.

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