Tigers Are Fifth In Initial CFP Rankings

Inside the Clemson fan base there has been a lot of unhappiness about the Tigers slide down both the AP and Coaches Polls. That slide coming while the team is still winning. Those same fans know that those polls mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but they know when their team is being slighted and are fed up with the disrespect. Now they see another slight, as the Tigers are at number five in the initial CFP rankings.

The first set of the CFP rankings are as follows…

  1. Ohio State
  2. LSU
  3. Alabama
  4. Penn State
  5. Clemson

This Clemson football team hasn’t lost since Alabama beat them 24-6 in the Sugar Bowl, following the 2017 season. So far back that Kelly Bryant was the QB. Many of these current players weren’t even on the field that night. Since then the Tigers have won 24 games in a row, including a 9-0 start to this season. Only one of those nine wins was an opponent competitive, yet this team is constantly criticized and disrespected by the media. Much of it stemming from that one competitive game, a 21-20 win in Chapel Hill. Most of the talk has centered around their weak schedule, despite the fact Alabama has actually played an even weaker schedule to date.

The news isn’t all bad, however. As I have stated here many times over the past several weeks, there is no coaching staff in the country better at playing the disrespect card than this Clemson coaching staff. Grab a seat on the back of the ROY bus and enjoy the ride. Take pleasure in watching the carnage that will be left in this teams wake. Not to mention LSU and Bama square off this weekend and Ohio State and Penn St will play each other in a couple of weeks. If the Tigers take care of their own business they are without question, in the playoff.

If there is one person that should be even more put off than Clemson fans by the Tigers being 5th, it is Dave Doeren. These rankings that came out tonight spell bad news for his young Wolfpack team. Expect to see a highly motivated and laser focused Tiger team take the field in Raleigh on Saturday night. NC State just might get a visit from “Scorched Earth Dabo” this weekend.

RIP NCState…..

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