An ACC Championship Celebration In Columbia?

If you didn’t know already, the South Carolina football program is celebrating the 50th anniversary of their 1969 ACC conference championship this weekend. Oh, the irony. And no, we’re not talking about the fact that it’s their only conference title in history.

One of the favorite pastimes of South Carolina Gamecock fans is railing on ACC Football. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or just one of your best pals, there’s rarely a day that goes by during the football season that you don’t witness it in some form or fashion.

To Gamecock fans, the ACC stands for All Cupcake Conference. Never mind the fact their team is winless in its last four games against ACC competition, they still take tremendous pleasure in finding ways to ridicule it.

If you’re a Clemson fan, it’s a constant barrage of shots at the ACC. All you ever hear from them is the nonstop chirping about the weak schedule.

Celebrating a title won in a conference you continuously mock is flawed logic. There is a term we use to describe that kind of logic inside the UofSC fan base. You all know what that term is. As a friend of mine said, the biggest question is whether they’re chanting ACC or SEC during the celebration.

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