ACC Network Adds New Provider

The ACC added one of the final remaining holdouts from its list of providers on Wednesday. AT&T added the network to its channel lineups on both U-Verse and AT&T TV Now (formerly Direct TV Now), leaving Comcast as the only major provider not carrying the channel.

U-Verse adds 3-4 million subscribers, with a majority of those in the ACC’s footprint, while AT&T TV Now adds around 1 million more. That brings the total number of subscribers with access to the new network to approximately 56-57 million, not far behind the SEC Networks estimated 59 million, and about even with the B1G’s estimated 55 million. All three are way out in front of the Pac 12’s network, which reaches only about 19 million.

It will be interesting to see if this affects Comcast’s stance regarding the new ACC Network. U-Verse and AT&T Now being added was a part of a larger distribution deal between Direct TV and Disney that was reached earlier this month, and Comcast’s deal with Disney for the rights to the ESPN family of channels does not expire until 2022.

Comcast would be a significant addition if they ever get the deal done. Their 21 million subscribers would be the biggest addition, even larger than the 19 million Direct TV brings to the table.



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