Updated: Complete List Of Confirmed Providers For The ACC Network

Today the ACC announced Charter Spectrum as the newest provider that will be carrying the new ACC Network. Getting new providers on board has been a slow process, which in turn has led to increased frustrations amongst each ACC teams fan base.

Back at ACC Media Days, conference commissioner John Swofford said the ACC was on a three year plan as far as getting all the television providers on board. There’s a reason for that, and that’s because ESPN, the company that is partnering with the ACC on this endeavor, isn’t actively out trying to get all the providers signed up.

Instead what they’re doing is waiting until each providers deal with Disney for all ESPN programming is up for renewal. Then, when a new deal is reached, the ACC Network is being included as a way for Disney to justify an increase in carriage fees.

So far, these are the providers that are confirmed to be carrying the ACC Network.

  • Direct Tv
  • Charter Spectrum
  • Hulu Live
  • Comporium
  • HTC
  • Playstation Vue
  • YouTube TV
  • Google Fiber
  • Verizon Fios
  • Layer 3 TV
  • Suddenlink
  • Northland Communications
  • Optimum

There are also some smaller, localized providers that have also signed on to carry it.

  • Adaptive Media
  • Amarillo Wireless
  • Americas Center Corporation
  • Ashland Home Net
  • BEK Communications Cooperative
  • Brookings Municipal Utilities
  • Cable Systems of Nevada
  • Camellia Communications
  • Central Arkansas Telephone Co-op
  • Cherokee Telephone
  • Clarksville Department of Energy
  • Colorado Community Fiber
  • CTI Fiber
  • Delcambre Telephone
  • ESCO Technologies
  • FTC (Sumter SC)
  • Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (AL)
  • Glandorf Telephone
  • GMCC
  • Gold Coast Broadband
  • Gorham Communications
  • Grafton Technologies
  • Hardy Telephone
  • HCI
  • Highland Communication Services
  • Highlands Cable Group
  • KiwiSat
  • Locks Cable
  • Madison Telephone
  • Mahaska Communication Group
  • Mid-Plains Communications
  • Naicom
  • NEMR Telecom
  • NetCom TV
  • New Lisbon
  • Olin Telephone Company
  • OpenBand
  • Peoples Services
  • Plateau Telecommunications
  • PTC Communications
  • RaceTV
  • Randolph
  • RTC Communications
  • Rural Burleigh Cable
  • Salsgiver Communications
  • Siren Communications
  • Southern Fibernet
  • Southern Montana Telephone
  • Spruce Knobs Seneca Rocks Telephone
  • SPTC Telcom
  • Sunset Digital Communications
  • Ting Fiber
  • Topsham Communications
  • Trenton Telephone Company
  • Tri County Telephone
  • United Communications
  • Vaughnsville Telephone Co
  • West Carolina Communications
  • WestPAnet
  • Wheat State Technologies
  • Whidbey Telecom
  • Yadkin Telecom
  • Yucca Telecom

As more providers are added, we will update the list. To check which providers in your area are carriers, click the link below and type in your zip code.

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6 thoughts on “Updated: Complete List Of Confirmed Providers For The ACC Network

      1. This is so frustrating I’ve been with Dish for a long time but I will switch providers to be able to get my football games. How hard can it be. People want it.

      2. Dish will have it. Just probably won’t happen until their deal with Disney for the rights to all ESPN programming is up for renewal. That’s how every non streaming provider has gotten it.

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