ACC Network- A List Of Confirmed Television Providers

Much has been made amongst ACC fan bases about which television providers have signed on to carry the new ACC Network. The calendar has now turned to August and with the launch just under three weeks away, the conference is faced with a problem.

There has been very little movement as far as the conference adding additional carriers. There’s still time for deals to be reached, but with each passing day, it’s starting to look like there will be multiple major television providers that won’t have deals done by August 22.

Here is a list of providers that are confirmed to have signed on to carry the ACC Network

  • Direct Tv
  • Hulu Live
  • Layer 3
  • Optimum
  • Playstation Vue
  • Suddenlink
  • Verizon Fios
  • HTC
  • Northland
  • Comporium

There may be some smaller ones that aren’t listed but these that are listed have been confirmed. It’s also worth noting that Sling Tv isn’t on the list. The streaming service, owned by Dish Network, has been widely speculated as being a carrier, when in actuality they have not signed on as of yet.

The confusion stems from a tweet sent out by Sling back in May announcing they would have it. However it seems the person who sent out that tweet confused the new network with ACC Network Extra. As most know, those are two entirely different things.

It’s worth noting that Charter is in negotiations with Disney right now, renewing a deal for ESPN. When it’s done, the new network will be included.

To check for availability in your area click the link below and enter your zip code.

Is the ACC Network available in my area?

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    1. Charter- Spectrum’s deal with Disney for rights to all espn programming just expired with no new deal. The deadline was extended. Whenever they reach a new deal the network will be included

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