Update On Providers And ACC Network

As most know, Direct Tv has been the only traditional, non streaming service to have signed onto carry the new ACC Network. Yesterday, HTC was officially announced as a carrier too. HTC serves the Grand Stand area of South Carolina.

New Visions, which serves the Central New York area has also signed on. There will be no additional charge for it to customers. Good news for Syracuse fans.

If you live in South or North Carolina however, it’s Direct Tv or HTC. Some smaller carriers have it, such as Comporium and Northland but that’s it.

No deals for Spectrum, Dish, Charter, Cox, etc. Despite what a call center rep may have told you, no deals have been reached as of yet for those carriers.

Another rumor that can be shot down is that Sling Tv will be carrying it. Someone at Sling tweeted out back in May the streaming service would have it in its Orange package but the tweet was sent out in error it seems. Sling isn’t a carrier at this time.

The major streaming services that have signed on are, Verizon Fios, Playstation Vue and Hulu Live.

If you would like to check availability in your area click here.

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