Another Major Cable Provider Signs On For ACC Network

The ACC Network has added a new provider to its short list of carriers for its new network. 

HTC has signed on to carry the new ACC Network. HTC, or Horry Telephone Cooperative, is a carrier for many along the Grand Strand.

The new network launches on August 22 will be exclusively airing the Clemson vs Georgia Tech game on August 29.

When the network launches, you will be able to find it on channels 867 (HD) and 67 (SD). The alternate network, which shows additional games if they’re being played, is available on 868 and 68.

For those who have already been through the digital transition, the network will be on 44.2 and 44.2 on the Classic Lineup.

Again, this game is being aired exclusively on the new network and will not be available on ESPN or any other network. It will be available through the ESPN app, but you MUST be logged into the app through a provider that is carrying the network and you must be subscribed to it.

One thought on “Another Major Cable Provider Signs On For ACC Network

  1. I hope Dish Network will soon sign-on! I have been faithful to Dish and hope they will be faithful to me and thousands of ACC fans!

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