From The Pulpit- Tigers Young Roster Makes Future Bright

One storyline not getting much play this summer is exactly how young this Tiger team is. 

Take a quick look at the Clemson football roster, and see what is the first thing that jumps out at you. Everywhere you look, it’s littered with freshmen and sophomores.

Of the 120 players on the roster, 80 are either freshmen or sophomores. Yes, some are redshirt sophomores but this is more about how much eligibility these guys have left, so for this discussion that’s a moot point.

That’s an eye popping 67% of the roster that’s composed of either freshmen or sophomores. There are six positions on the team that have no senior representation. None at QB, RB, TE, CB, or at either spot along the Defensive Line.

Not to mention, we’re talking about elite level talent. We’re not talking about depth guys that are just filling out the roster. One only needs to take a look at the summer depth chart to take notice of that youth (as found in the online media guide released by Clemson Athletics).


So for those few folks still harping on about how Clemson is a “flash in the pan” program, think again. Dabo Swinney and Co have built this thing the right way. There was a solid foundation that was laid and it’s been added to with each passing season. It’s led to two national titles in the past three seasons and they’re just getting started.

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