A Month From Launch And No New Providers Have Been Announced For ACC Network

The launch of the new ACC Network is now just one month away and there’s still been no movement as far as new providers being announced as carriers of the exclusive programming. Direct Tv and Verizon Fios are still the only two traditional, non streaming providers to have signed on.

Hulu Live, Sling Tv, and Playstation Vue are the streaming services that have signed on. There are some other, smaller localized providers as you can see in the picture below.

Rumor has it, HTC will be carrying it as well, but nothing has been confirmed, much less announced. If you are a customer of Cox, Charter, Spectrum, DISH, etc, your best bet is to start bombarding your provider, if you haven’t already.

One other thing that wouldn’t hurt, start thinking about a contingency plan. It’s very likely there are going to be multiple providers that are still without the channel when it launches on August 22, as well as the Tigers first game on August 29 against Georgia Tech.

All the streaming services offer free one week trials. Signing up for one will get you access to that first game, and then you can go from there, and see how it plays out. Just don’t forget to cancel it if you’re not planning on keeping it.

The ACC recently announced the first 14 games that will appear on the new network over the first three weeks of the season. You can see them listed below.

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