Garrett Williams Will Not Return For Final Season


Tight end Garrett Williams has made what many have assumed for weeks official. He will not return for his final season of eligibility.

After tearing an ACL and missing the 2017 season, Williams returned in an H Back type role for the Tigers in last season’s run to a perfect 15-0 record and a national title.

Williams comes from a family who has a lot of ties to the military and has made no secret about his desire to do the same.

With Braden Galloway suspended for the 2019 season, that leaves Clemson with just JC Chalk and Jaelyn Lay at the TE position. Chalk, a junior, has played sparingly in his time in the program and is more of a blocking TE. Lay is a true freshman still learning the ropes.

The offensive staff made it work last season without a bonafide pass catching threat from the tight end position. We will see what they do in 2019.

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