(WATCH) The Dream: Hills and Valleys

There is something to be said about lifeโ€™s struggles, theyโ€™re real and they effect everyone. Iโ€™ve found itโ€™s an appropriate metaphor for life.

Last yearโ€™s struggles have been well documented and rehashed many times over and it was a terribly difficult time, especially for the young men and coaches. Despite the strong finish, it felt like like a season spent mostly in the deepest of valleys.

Itโ€™s funny how as fans, one only looks at the struggles of a 10-3 season and not the triumphs. I guess as a fanbase, itโ€™s an undefeated, national championship season or bust proposition.

All enjoy dancing on the hills but every one of lifeโ€™s lessons are learned in the valley. The Valley is where hope lies and the hills arenโ€™t fully enjoyed because dancing on the hilltops does breed complacency.

As for me, I treasure the hills but itโ€™s the valleys where greatness is born. Enjoy the spring game in our valley, Death Valley where the dreams of 2022 begins.

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