Maybe Clemson Will Be Fine In World of NIL After All

Sounds like Clemson has a plan for NIL after all.

While no details have been officially released just yet, the fact that the school has been working on this should help ease the minds of some fans. This will help Clemson to better compete in the Name, Likeness and Image ‘business.”

I use the term business because in my opinion, that’s exactly what it’s quickly become. Here’s an example of the madness floating around the Twittersphere.

Recently, Dave Uiagalelei, (aka Big Dave) sent out a tweet addressing future recruits, urging them to make it a business decision.

No judgement on my part but his words speak of the new reality of the wild west of recruiting in college athletics. No pay, no play is now, sadly, the new formal in recruiting.

Another example, the deep pocketed boosters at Texas A&M reportedly spent $30M in securing its 2022 recruiting class. However, Jimbo Fisher adamantly denies that. It stinks to high heaven in most places but not in Texas, where everything is BIG.

Given what some thought were Clemson’s perceived stance regarding NIL and the laws of the state of South Carolina putting players in the state at a disadvantage, all seemed hopeless. Now, we know there were things going on behind the scenes to help position Clemson to better compete.

The exact details of what’s going on will come forth in the coming weeks and the South Carolina legislature is working on clearing the way for all of this to come to fruition. I’m not one to go around telling rumors but from what I’m hearing, Clemson will be just fine in the NIL business.

Dabo Swinney, over his tenure as head coach, has created a culture and a program that is built to last. I was afraid, and yes, I doubted if Clemson could remain competitive in a world where this NIL business exists. These developments prove I was absolutely and thankfully wrong.

Swinney always has a plan, so I’m sure he has been working under the radar, designing a specific NIL program that both maintains the uniqueness of Clemson’s culture and positions the program to compete with any other. Essentially, creating a level playing field for the Tigers.

Yes, I’ve admitted that I was a doubter and if these developments come to fruition, and I believe they will, I’ll gladly admit to anyone listening, I was wrong, Oh me of little faith. As for the details, like the rest of the fan base, I personally can’t wait.

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