Questioning Trevor Lawrence? Jaguars Fans Will Soon Know He’s a Winner

One might think, after reading some of my articles, I can’t tell the difference between my head and a hole in the ground. Honestly, I get it but there is one thing (or person) I know and that would be Trevor Lawrence.

He gave so much to the Clemson program and the Clemson Family, yet did it where he likes it, in the background, as much as possible. However, everyone in orange knows he is no less a leader than the most vocal in the locker room. He has this confident humility that draws in those around him, a hallmark of a true champion.

I know, Lawrence is now a Jacksonville Jaguar but he will always be a Clemson Tiger, too. His place as Clemson’s very first No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft seems very secure for the time being. Barring a miracle of biblical proportions there won’t be another No. 1 overall draft pick in the next few years.

All this “pumping up” of Trevor Lawrence may seem unnecessary and pointless but after his first, tumultuous season in Jacksonville those doubting Jaguar Fans need to know what Clemson fans already know. Lawrence is a winner, period, end of discussion.

The failures of this past season, if it were in the game of golf, would sadly need a mulligan, a do-over. Former Jaguars’ head coach Urban Meyer, a master at self destruction, threw his QB and those around him under several buses this past season. He seemed uninterested, at times overwhelmed and now, thankfully, jobless. With a new head coach and a sense of optimism, next year should be that well deserved mulligan, that do-over.

There is always a certain degree of excitement surrounding the arrival of a No. 1 draft pick and so it was for Jaguar fans in Lawrence. However, that excitement and near crushing expectations was misplaced when it’s assumed that one player, regardless of his unquestionable talent, could change everything in one season.

There is a reason why a team gets the No.1 overall pick, they were awful the year prior, and the Jags have been pretty terrible for awhile. So, in their misguided exuberance, they actually believed Lawrence could deliver instant success, with a history of losing and possessing a clueless, selfish and arrogant head coach. Go figure.0

Not speaking of Lawrence from a financial perspective, If anyone should be angry and feel abandoned it would be Lawrence but his unconquerable belief in himself doesn’t shrink easily.

Thankfully, Lawrence and his fellow Jaguars have a new, seemingly perfectly matched head coach, Doug Pederson. In his introductory press conference the Super Bowl winner spoke of his plan for his new QB.

“As I’ve done my research on Trevor and talked to people, even talked to coaches who have played against him this past year, (they) say nothing but great things and kind of the sky’s the limit,” Pederson said, via the Jaguars website. “Our job moving forward is to find more good pieces to put around him. So, I’m excited from that standpoint.”

There were a number of factors that played into the struggles of Trevor Lawrence in his rookie season. The Jaguars didn’t help their young quarterback by not having many play-makers for Lawrence to target throughout the majority of his first year in the NFL. Doug Pederson vows to change that.

As this season officially ends this Sunday with the crowning of either the LA Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals as Super Bowl Champs, there is new hope for many teams unable to meet their fans lofty expectations. At the top of that list, the Jaguars. I suspect, having witnessed Lawrence and what he is capable of accomplishing on the field, the fortunes in Jacksonville will change.

Then, everyone that doubted this young man will know what many already know. Their team is in great hands for the foreseeable future. You just have to trust and believe and understand. In football, as in life, one must wait even for the best of things. Jacksonville, just needs to be patient, the wining is coming.

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