Houston Chronicle Fires Reporter For Calling Suits Against Deshaun Watson ‘Money Grab’

The Deshaun Watson saga has cost someone their job.

Aaron Wilson, a reporter who covers the Texans for the Houston Chronicle, has been let go, according to multiple reports.

The reasoning behind his firing were comments he made in a radio interview with WEEI in Boston last month discussing the accusations of sexual misconduct against Watson. At one point, Wilson used the terms “money grab” and “ambulance chasing.”

“In his case, you know, it’s kind of like you don’t, you know, you don’t negotiate with terrorists. You know, people are demanding money, they’re asking for money. The — it kept escalating, it kept going up and up and up. And you start talking about more and more funds, I’m not gonna say how much it got to. But my understanding is, you know, that there was an admission that, it was, you know, something, you know, just that this was, you know, just a money grab.”

Wilson in the radio interview

In listening to the interview it appears Wilson was attempting to convey things from the perspective of Watson’s camp and not offering up his own opinions but didn’t do a very good job of making that clear.

Wilson did make it clear that he was skeptical when it came to the claims, vouched for Watson’s character, and claimed that the way Tony Buzbee rounded up clients was “frowned upon.”

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