ESPN Analyst: Texans QB Deshaun Watson ‘Seems to be in World of Trouble’

The list of accusers continues to mount against Deshaun Watson and at a rapid pace.

Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s First Take feels that Watson is in trouble and said as much Friday morning on the show when he was asked about the latest developments.

“Watson seems to be in a world of trouble,” Smith said. “You know one allegation against you is bad enough. Then it was three. As of last night it was six. As of this morning it’s seven, and we’re hearing the attorney. Mr Buzbee saying it’s now nine,” Smith said. “When you look at it from that perspective, I mean, where there’s smoke there’s fire in a lot of people’s minds.”

He also stressed that people need to keep in mind that Watson is innocent until proven guilty but there is always the possibility that the NFL can punish him even without a civil or criminal court finding

“You’re innocent until proven guilty. But nevertheless, because of the climate that exists, particularly in the NFL, where the NFL has a license to exact punishment against you, just by allegations alone, Smith pointed out. “We’ve seen them do it in the past.”

Smith’s colleague at ESPN, Shannon Sharpe, also discussed the civil cases against Watson on Undisputed Friday Morning. When asked if he was surprised that teams had not backed off from trying to get Watson Sharpe stated no and why he was not surprised.

“I’m really not that surprised. I think right now teams are monitoring it, they’re looking at it,” Sharpe said. “This is a civil matter. Not a criminal matter. There have been no formal charges brought forth against Watson and I’m not saying that the civil matters are not of grave importance because they are, so they are to be taken seriously.”

He went on to say that he hopes the allegations are judged fairly for all parties involved.

“For me, I get all this coming forward and the way I look at it is one case is too many, and now it looks like we have five, six, maybe even up to nine,” stated Sharpe. “That’s not a good look but I want each case to be judged on its merits.”

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