Most Recent CFP And ACC Championship Game Odds For Clemson

The latest odds for winning the College Football Playoff, the Heisman Trophy, and conference championship games have been released by Again this week, there is a new front runner in the Heisman Trophy race. Below are the odds.

Odds to Win College Football Playoff:

Alabama 5-7 
Clemson 5-2 
Ohio State 5-1 
Notre Dame 8-1 
Texas A&M 40-1 
Iowa State 50-1 
Oklahoma 66-1 
Cincinnati 80-1 
Florida 80-1 

Heisman Trophy Winner:

Mac Jones (Alabama) 1-2 
Kyle Trask (Florida) 3-1 
Devonta Smith (Alabama) 10-1 
Ian Book (Notre Dame) 12-1 
Trevor Lawrence Clemson) 14-1 
Justin Fields (Ohio State) 30-1

The Conference championship games:

Tulsa vs. Cincinnati -15.5

Notre Dame vs. Clemson -11.5
(Early spread last week was -10.5)

Northwestern vs. Ohio State -18.5
(Early spread last week was -20.5)

Big 12
Iowa State vs. Oklahoma -4.5
(Early spread last week was -5)

Florida vs. Alabama -16.5
(Early spread last week was -13.5)

Sun Belt
UL Lafayette vs. Coastal Carolina -4.5

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