ESPN Analyst Not Sold On Trevor Lawrence As Top Overall Pick

Trevor Lawrence has been pegged as the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft since he was throwing darts on high school fields in Georgia.

While most seem to agree with that assessment, there are a handful that do not. Former NFL wideout Keyshawn Johnson recently discussed Lawrence’s draft stock and said he still wasn’t sold on the Tigers star quarterback being the best option as the top pick in the upcoming draft.

“I need you to win when you play for me in the National Football League,” Johnson said recently on a radio appearance. “What you did at Clemson is great. I need you to win football games in the National Football League. I need you to help my team win. Come Sundays, can you help me win?”

Johnson then went onto say that he thinks Lawrence can be a winner in the NFL but that it’s still to early to anoint him the top overall pick.

“That’s all I care about. And I think he can. But it’s too early for me to just make him the No. 1 overall pick and say that I’m taking him over some other guys when I’ve yet to do a full evaluation. A lot of dudes win a lot of games in a lot of places and then turn out to not be so good.”

Johnson makes a valid point about the number of busts we have seen in the league over the years, especially at the quarterback position. However, we are talking about a kid that has lost only one game at the collegiate level in 2.5 years. He also won a championship as a freshman. There is nothing about Lawrence that even hints at the possibility that he might “turn out to not be so good.”

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