Opinion: Potential New Clemson Traditions

Many of us are reluctant to change. Especially when it comes to sports and the traditions surrounding our favorite teams. Currently, Clemson has great traditions, but maybe there are things that can be done to add to those.

***For the record, all of these suggestions are completely up to fans. They have nothing to do with the team itself, or the school’s official colors.

Purple Out: The football team has a purple out for Military Appreciation Day every season. Every college athletic team has a Military Appreciation Day game at least once in each season. My first proposal, a Purple Out for every Military Appreciation Day in every sport from now on. All teams have at least one set of purple uniforms, all other stadiums/arenas are smaller than Death Valley and will thus be closer to being an actual purple out.

White Out: For away football games such as Syracuse and maybe Florida State as well. The first Clemson whiteout was on the road at Auburn back in 2016, when the Auburn Tigers decided on an orange out. We the fans wore white that night and the team won. The team wears white on the road.

Syracuse is also the Orange, and also has a similar shade, so a whiteout at Syracuse would definitely be cool to see. I would suggest making sure it worked up there first before trying it at Florida State though.

Another incredible time to try it would be a home basketball game, such as Georgia and or South Carolina to start, and eventually working our way into doing it for ACC home games. White out would also be cool to do at a baseball or softball game, again, against a big opponent, when the team is wearing white. The good thing about this is that we can do it more than once a season.

Black Out: It would be only partial and no, none of our teams would wear black, only the fans. The blackout could occur at any home sporting event (such as, a football or soccer game taking place around Halloween).

As black isn’t an official Clemson color, it is a far fetched concept and honestly, I expect this would never make it through. However, in light of a tragic, or otherwise big event that happened in Clemson, or at an opposing school (that hopefully will not happen but you never know), the black out could be done to show remorse and compassion for those affected. The University of Georgia pulled a “Pink Out” this past season right out of the blue after an opposing coach lost his wife, and we know most of our other opponents would do the same thing for us out of respect.

I realize that most Clemson fans aren’t fond of the idea of new ideas or new traditions (full time or part time), but these are only suggestions. Finally, what is wrong with a little variety anyway? I hope all fans who see this will at least think about these ideas as they are easy to do, and some of them (like purple out in every sport) are ones I’m honestly surprised we have never done in the first place.

God bless and GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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