#FlashbackFriday: Remembering a True Clemson Legend

Many Clemson fans know the reason that Memorial stadium is known as Death Valley, the story behind Howard’s Rock, and the name Frank Howard. But how many Tigers could tell you any thing else about Coach Howard, one of the most influential Tigers in the university’s history.

This week we pay tribute to the story of Coach Howard’s life and his legendary career at Clemson. How many Tiger fans knew that Coach Howard took a $200 pay cut to take the job at Clemson and he felt that it was the “best pay cut a fella ever took.” Coach Howard also began as not only a football coach but was the track coach at Clemson as well. Even though he said he knew nothing about coaching that sport.

Still love his story about the player coming to ask him which form he liked for throwing the javelin. He knew nothing about what he was talking about so he told him to go to the library and read a book by Harry Gill, the authority in javelin throwing. Coach Howard stated that he later told folks at coaching clinics that this was what he called “coaching”.

Coach Howard wasn’t the first Clemson football coach, but he did set the bar for other former Bama alums that have called Clemson home. Like a couple of guys that any Tiger fan knows… Danny Ford and William Christopher “Dabo“ Swinney, have looked to live up to.

There are so many stories like these and I really hope y’all enjoy this video as much as I have. Clemson fans have so many legends as well as traditions to be proud of and this legend was the true example of Dabo’s motto, “All In!” Remember, if you aren’t gonna give a 110%, then keep your filthy hands off of his rock!

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