As I sit here watching the time wind down in the Tigers game against Louisville, it brings to mind the ups and downs of the program has seen, and all of the questions and complaints heard during that time.

The Tigers are now 10-9 overall and 4-5 in conference. They have gotten their first win ever over UNC in Chapel Hill and they pulled off a huge upset of #3 Duke in Little John. They also have a loss to Yale and today’s blowout loss to Louisville where they looked as though they had never shot a basketball in their life for the majority of the game.

There have been many complaints over the last few years and fans that have wanted Coach Brownell replaced. The biggest questions with that would be who would you bring in that would want that job and do you really want to bring in a new coach at this point when Coach Brownell seems to be getting it going on the recruiting trail. He just signed one of the best classes in program history.

As for that first question. Clemson has never shown, even in a basketball conference, that they are going to be a consistent contender. Have they had great runs and flashes of greatness? Yes, they have but fans can not mistake Clemson basketball for Duke or UNC. That alone makes the job a hard sell.

For example, I was fortunate enough to attend the Duke game and the Tiger Football team arrived back from the national title game approximately an hour and a half before tip-off. There were approximately 100 fans there to welcome the football team home. On a night when the Tigers were hosting the #3 team in basketball, Littlejohn wasn’t even close to capacity and the majority of the fans that were there to welcome home the football team didn’t attend.

The second question has a direct connection to the first. Coach Brownell just signed what is likely the best recruiting class ever at Clemson, and it’s not even a top ten class at this point. Do you bring that momentum to a halt and start trying to find another coach to start over again, or do you stay the course?






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  1. It is time to move on. Brownell has been there long enough.
    Yes let’s bite the bullet and move on to a coach that may not win the conference every year, but at least get us into “The Big Dance”.
    Other Clemson sports produce winners, so can basketball.

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