Change Coming For Digital Platform ACC Network Extra

The launch of the new ACC Network on August 22 will also bring with it a big change to the ACC’s digital platform, ACC Network Extra. Since its inception, the ACC Network Extra has been available through the ESPN app or WatchEspn for everyone. Starting August 22, that wont be the case any longer.

Once the new ACC Network launches, the only way to access the programming through the ESPN apps will be to log in through a television provider that has signed on to carry the new network and for the channel to be a part of your subscription. That will also be the case for accessing ACC Network Extra.

Again, both will only be available on the apps to paid television subscribers that have access to the new ACC Network through their television subscription.

The ACC Network Extra is the conference’s online digital platform and will broadcast more than 400 ACC sporting events over the next year, including most Tiger baseball games.

This is a big change from the way things have been done in the past, so start planning accordingly.

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